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School for Scandal  by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

With elaborate costumes made in the needlework department under the direction of Mrs Bosworth. Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s ‘The School for Scandal’ was presented on the evenings of 26th to 30th March 1963. A cast of 23 took to the stage of the school hall, playing to packed houses on the last two nights.  The play was produced by English teacher, Mr. H. Smith.

Then with, but not in, the costumes the cast accompanied by the French exchange pupils, travelled by train to Roanne. The venue originally arranged, the 'Salle Jotilon', was quickly dismissed as too small and generally unsuitable.  So the play was moved to the 'Théatre Municipal de Roanne' where the professional technicians were brought in to arrange suitable scenery and lighting. The plot was explained by Mr. Goodburn, in French, to the audience before the curtain rose on 6th April.

The Mikado  by W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

Just three months later the Manor Park's first Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, 'The Mikado' was performed over three evenings 10th - 12th July 1963.

With a cast of 80 plus an orchestra, it was a rather bigger production than 'A School for Scandal' and included P.E. teacher Mr. Clowes in the title role.  It was met with great acclaim in the local press:  "Full marks go to the production and direction of this show",  "A highly successful and entertaining production".

It had been a busy two or three terms for the needlework, woodwork and art departments producing the costumes and scenery for the two productions!

The Lady’s Not for Burning

by Christopher Fry

31st March - 3rd April 1965



by W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

April 1966


Bury the Dead

by Irwin Shaw

April 1971