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  60 years ago







[Colour Photographs ©Martin Bennett]


Getting Back Together

The reunion in 2015 was set up to assist the research for 'A Short History'  The event was attended by over 90 old scholars from almost every year of the grammar school.


Before that, back in October 2000, nearly half of the year group from 1955-60 gathered at the rugby club. The event was organised by David Looms assisted by Dave Busby, Alf Pare, Bob Moss, Ann Hart and Pauline Oldfield. Five of those shown in the press photograph above were at the recent reunion in April.


Still Standing With Awe  Reunion 2019












"the best reunion yet" 

"it was lovely catching up again"

"A very enjoyable reunion" 

"Many congratulations" 

"I really enjoyed the evening"

£500 raised for School Aid India

  Thank You


Stuart Hodgson has produced a pdf document with photographs of the evening.  A copy has been emailed to all old scholars who were at the event.  If you would like a copy please email me:







































the wheel     volume 2

29 editions of the school magazine, 'The Wheel' were published, usually every other term, between 1952 and 1972.

The magazine has been resurrected with stuff that never got into the originals and memories of old scholars, but very much in keeping with the style of the old editions.

Volume 2 number 1, £2.50

Volume 2 number 2, £3.00

plus postage £1.50 for one or both magazines.

To order send email


A Short History








"Alan Merry has gathered together a wealth of details on the school and has been successful in converting this into a readable and entertaining book covering the full period of the school’s existence."

"Written by Alan Merry in his inimitable style the book takes the reader through the 'golden years' of Manor Park Grammar School.



Despite the time spent researching and writing "A Short History" it was inevitable that old scholars became aware of the work after it had been published and had memories and stories to contribute. So while there were omissions it was believed that there were no errors in the book, until NOW!

I don't know how it happened but it appears that the data for the Speech Days of 1967 and 1968 got mixed up.  This has been corrected on the pdf file here.  You can correct your copy of the book by downloading and printing the file and trimming it suitably to fit into your copy. Apologies to all.

If you need the pdf reader you can download it, free, from Adobe.



Thanks to several old scholars we have an extensive archive of photographs, school magazines, school production programmes and others items.

Some of this has been deposited at the County Archive in Warwick, safe for posterity, but also available to visitors. (See contact details below)

But we "never close" and welcome anything that you may have stored in your loft and have not looked at for years. If you want to keep the items, but would be happy to have them scanned and added to the digital archive, we can make arrangements for that also.

In particular we are missing:

- form photographs taken on 21st September 1950.

- form photographs of forms 1A, 3D and 4M  and the sixth form, taken round about Easter 1957 in the quadrangle that a couple of years later became the swimming pool.

- "The Wheel" the school magazine, early issues, numbers 1,2,4,5,and 6

- Thanks to old scholar, John Smith we have added the programme for the 16th Speech Day, 1969, to the Archive. To 'complete the set' all we need now is the programme for the 15th Speech Day, 1968.

And from another source we have the missing page 34 from the 'Wheel' Number XII, Spring 1960.  At that time the magazine was produced by the commerce department on a Gestener duplicator, all 46 pages, all 600 or so copies, odd pages did miss on their way through.  I presume the machine was hand cranked, so were you involved?  And have you recovered yet?

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And so to school  - in Darjeeling

School Aid India was set up by former head girl (and headmaster's daughter) Helen Jones (nee Goodburn) to establish and run a school for disadvantaged children in Darjeeling in northern India.  The school started in 2007 in little more than a shed, but over the last twelve years has grown to over 150 pupils occupying a purpose built, four storey building.  All this has been financed by the charity.

In May Helen visited the school to officially open the pre-school centre and meet some of the school's oldest 'old scholars' who had recently passed the equivalent of G.C.S.E. exams.

With the approval of old scholars the surpluses from the reunions held in 2015 2017 and 2019 have been donated to the charity.

For more information, or to make your own donation, click on the picture below.


School Film Now Live   Click Here

Old Scholar's Contacts.  I sometimes receive requests for information and/or contact details of old scholars.  In keeping with internet security (and all that stuff) I do not send out other people's details, and certainly not pass them to third parties. However I can, on your request, pass your email address to an old scholar for them to contact you.               Contact me


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