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Thanks to the forethought of several old scholars, who not only did not throw away the ephemera of their days at Manor Park, but have also been generous enough to give, or lend their photographs, 'Wheel's etc. to us, we have a fairly complete set of photographs and 'Wheels' in the archive.  'Wheel' No.1 from Frank Parker and the 1957 photograph of form 1A, from Pam Aston have been recent additions.

However there are a few gaps which we would like to fill:-

          -  'The Wheel'  Numbers 2, 4, 5 and 6, from the mid-1950s.

          - Form photographs for forms 3D, 4M and the 6th form,  which were taken on 9th April 1957.

All of our archive is held digitally while the original items are either at the County Record Office in Warwick, or at Nuneaton Library, where, thanks to many old scholars, the archives are much bigger than they were before this project was started.  "Killer" would be impressed! 

So if you have any of the above, or anything else to add, please do get in touch.




A New Quest / Assignment

Among our discoveries over the last couple of months are two books written by Mr Dunkerley and Mr Huxton.  'Workshop Assignments  Book 1" was published in 1972 and Book 2 in 1975.  We have a copy of Book 2, which includes "Games for Fetes", as seen at school fetes in the early 1960s, and "The Periaktos", as seen in the school play "Maria Marten or Murder in the Red Barn" in 1972.

The quest is to find a copy of Book 1.


  t they were still in the design/manufacture stage.




School Song

It appears that the original score of the School Song disappeared, along with several other items relating to the grammar school's history, when Manor Park became a comprehensive in 1972.

But thanks to work by old scholars and musicians, Ian Riley, Daryl Dunning and Di Vickers, not to mention the vocal contributions by others, including the recording made at the reunion in 2019, we now have a score very close to that originally written by music teacher Mrs Jones, back in 1954.

The (35) indicates that this is version 35 of our combined efforts. And there is still some work to be done, particularly bars 16 and 18-19, so contributions welcome.  Contact Us




"Schooldays were the happiest days of my life."  Do people still say that ?  And whether or not it is true, many of us have kept items from our time at Manor Park.  Everything from end of term reports to items of uniform and school magazines and photographs, lots of photographs.  The hard part is often putting a date on them.  Here in the archive we like nothing more than adding such items as well as anecdotes as we work towards a complete history of Manor Park Technical / Grammar School.  So please continue to send in anything you have ....

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Facebook and Youtube

There is now a facebook page 'Manor Park Grammar School Friends'

and Milly Millington has made a video of the school, past and present,  www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb2Lebor3U8





And so to school  - in Darjeeling

Like most, if not every school across the world, Roseberry School in Darjeeling, has faced many difficulties over the last two years. Covid-19 is just the latest, on top of monsoon rains, civil unrest and earthquakes.

The school was set up by former head girl Helen Jones (nee Goodburn) in 2007 to establish and run a school, for disadvantaged children. Starting in little more than a shed the school has grown to over 150 pupils occupying a purpose built, four storey building. 

The school is run entirely on donations. For more information and/or to make a donation, regular or otherwise, contact Helen by clicking on the picture right.



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