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  60 years ago

Form Photographs 1950

We are finding that although they were photographed 70 years ago, several of the people in these photographs are still running around. From the school log book we know precisely that each form was photographed on 21st September 1950, just three weeks into the school's new status as a technical school. So the new first years were obliged to wear uniform, while some of the older pupils chose to do so.


We also know that forms were formally photographed at about Easter 1957 and some forms less formally in 1964 and 1968.

We are always anxious to add photographs to the archive and to put names to faces.

If you can help please email here


      Top & second row September 1950

 Third row Easter 1957

  Fourth row  1964

Bottom row 1968




The  background to this page is from the whole school photographs taken in 1964, 1968 and 1972



  A Couple of other things we are investigating currently:-

  "Homework Record Books"   The subject has come up in a couple of recent emails.

  In the early/mid sixties we all had them, meticulously filled in and signed, weekly, by a parent and form teacher for probably the whole of the first term of the 1st year.

After that the form teacher became less diligent as too did we. If pushed we could produce a work of fiction showing the enormous amounts of time we spent on homework verified by a less than convincing parent's signature.

It seems that later such records were required only from the less enthusiastic doers of homework.  What do you remember?

  Reunion 2000

  Nearly half of the 1955-1960/2 year group gathered at Nuneaton Rugby Club in October 2000 organised by David Looms assisted by Dave Busby, Alf Pare, Bob Moss, Ann Hart and Pauline Oldfield. If you were there and would like to add your memories please contact us.

Any photographs, recollections, verifications, etc. please to the usual email, click here





And so to school  - in Darjeeling

School Aid India is appealing for regular donations to secure the future of Roseberry School, Darjeeling. The school, for disadvantaged children, was set up by former head girl (and headmaster's daughter) Helen Jones (nee Goodburn) in 2007, in little more than a shed. Since then the school has grown to over 150 pupils occupying a purpose built, four storey building.  All of this has been financed by the charity.

In May Helen visited the school to officially open the pre-school centre and meet some of the school's oldest 'old scholars' who had recently passed the equivalent of G.C.S.E. exams.

Surpluses from the reunions held in 2015, 2017 and 2019 have been donated to the charity, but if you would like to make a donation, regular or otherwise, contact Helen by clicking on the picture right.



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