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"Great book good work. Love it."

"Great book. Brings back memories of my time there"

"We are enjoying reading it."

"really enjoying the book can’t put it down"

Following the success of the first edition, some 80 pages of additional stories, memories and photographs have been added to produce

'A Short History' 

Second Edition

300 pages, hardback

Available here or at

Nuneaton Heritage Centre


Not a Third Edition.

As promised when the second edition was published there will be no third edition of 'A Short History', but items continue to come to light, often as a result of memories being jogged by the book.


Mr. Siddall, a gentleman of the old school of teachers. After presenting ''The School for Scandal'' in Roanne’s theatre a group of the players were strolling back through the empty lamp-lit cobbled streets of the town to the hotel, hand-in-hand with girlfriends. A remark was made about how romantic it was and with feeling George Siddall said ''At least you've got your girlfriends with you. I had to leave my wife at home.''


Mr D. Prior, then head of physics, was responsible for arranging the science laboratories in the new building which opened in 1965: chemistry on the ground floor, physics on the first floor and biology on the second floor.


As usual, in May, letters were sent out by Nuneaton’s Education Department to parents of children in their final year at primary school notifying at which secondary school "a place will be










60 years ago    

News of Old Scholars

Towards the back of most editions of ‘the Wheel’ there would be a page or two under the above title with news of marriages, graduations etc. In the strawest of polls the last chapter of the new edition of "A Short History" records what a few of Manor Park's nearly 3000 old scholars got up to.

Various groups of old scholars meet up (ir)regularly.

The "Class of '66" group continues to grow with over 50 now in touch and their latest lunch attended by 27 of them. The next such gathering is planned for July. If you "qualify" (ie 1st year in Sept 1966 or 6th form 1971) and would like to be put in touch contact us here.

A reunion in 2024 for old scholars who started at Manor Park in September 1964 has been proposed

Contact us to publicise your event here or to be put in touch with any of these groups or individual old scholars. In the interest of data security we can't send out email addresses etc. but we can, on your request, forward your contact details.

































Second Verse                   No joy in petty victories deriving –

Smug satisfaction, envy, greed and spite –

We’d rather lose with honour in our striving

Than triumph in a cause that is not right.

Grant patient hand and eye, that we may ever

Find skill in work that brings its own reward

Despite the false and ugly and endeavour

To labour for the glory of the Lord!


And so to school  - in Darjeeling

After the Covid shutdown Roseberry School has got back into its routine.  And there has been good news from their old scholars who have gone onto secondary education with success and have now taken up places in colleges with aspirations to enter the professions.

The school was set up by former head girl Helen Jones (nee Goodburn) in 2007 to establish and run a school, for disadvantaged children. Starting in little more than a shed the school has grown to nearly 200 pupils occupying a purpose built, four storey building. 

The school is now partially self-sustaining, but still relies on donations to continue to provide for the most deprived youngsters.  For more information and/or to make a donation, regular or otherwise, contact Helen by clicking on the picture right.



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                             There is now a facebook page 'Manor Park Grammar School Friends'   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1697762690440002

                             and Milly Millington has made a video of the school, past and present,  www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb2Lebor3U8